One of the things that wakes me up in the morning and makes my life worthwhile is the privilege of being a teacher. Besides teaching Computer Science related topics I take every opportunity I get to transmit to students the two cents of knowledge about technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, business, happiness and life in general, that I learned throughout my life so far.


I’m able to do this nowadays especially because I’m constantly learning it from many mentors: professors, friends, writers, scientists, scavengers, bloggers, musicians, you, etc. The point is, everyone you get to meet can play an important role in your learning journey if you open your mind and heart to it.


Some people argue that passion is what makes, for instance, an entrepreneur sacrifice and succeed but yet, it seems to be very hard (or impossible) to teach passion to someone that has the skills and knowledge to start a business. One important factor that I think can help unleash this passion is the mentor. But how?


A mentor is a person who guides another less experienced person by building trust and modeling a positive behavior. The positive behavior is reflected on what we see this person doing or in what we ear this person saying. The mentor is expected to communicate in a trustworthy manner that makes (the mentee) feel his/her passion.


So my point is: you can’t really teach/learn passion. What we can do as mentors is express this passion in the way we speak, write and behave taking into account the particularities of our audience. As mentees, we need to open our minds and specially our hearts and let ourselves feel the passion of every mentor available out there for free: find yourself one.

4 Responses to “Find yourself a mentor… for free”

  1. Fábio Inocêncio Velho Francisco

    Proff xta td em Inglês

  2. José

    Muito fixe, o método doctor!

  3. José Teca

    Muito fixe o método doctor!

  4. Maillot PSG Pas Cher

    Much thanks again. Want more.

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