Hello and happy new year to everyone. I would like to share with you an interview I had last year with Amarildo Lucas, founder and CTO of Beezond Inc.

Dizando Norton (DN): Hi Amarildo, please tell us a bit about you
Amarildo Lucas (AL): Hi, my name is Amarildo Lucas, founder of Beezond, Inc., a startup that develops mobile apps with focus and strategy directed to the Angolan market. I am Computer Science undergraduate student at UVA (University Veiga de Almeida), a Brazilian private university and I also work as a mobile developer at Pitaco, a Brazilian Startup. I am also related to good development teams and the startup community in Angola and Brazil.

DN: What does Beezond Inc do exactly?
AL: Beezond, Inc. is a startup that develops mobile apps with focus and strategy directed to the Angolan market. In short, we build applications to solve Angolans everyday problems and help our customers gain online and mobile presence, working together for the best possible user experience.

DN: Is your business model sustainable in Angola, please explain why?
AL: Yes it is! The apps development and mobile strategies in Angola are still not felt in a professional manner which makes us a company with few competitors, and with a demand of users and customers who enjoy the quality of our products.
DN: So, what differentiates you from your competitors?
AL: Most of my competitors are individual app developers and most of them lack vision and knowledge to jump right in and create startups that can compete. But this is changing rapidly and it will be good for us to be here when this dynamic happens.
DN: What’s your company vision for the future?
AL: I see Beezond, Inc. as the leader in development and mobile strategies in Angola. We aim to connect millions of people with products built for their mobile devices not only in Angola but also in Africa. We greatly appreciate entertainment, education and the social area of our business. We want to have a company every Angolan student dreams of working for.
DN: What’s your take on the state of tech entrepreneurship in Angola?
AL: Well, I’m afraid I’m not the right person to answer this question because of my physical distance the country, but by the time I started getting involved with the topic and the community, I would say that the technologies itself and tech entrepreneurship in Angola have blossomed more and more. The proof are the many events at the level of ICT and focused on entrepreneurship that are being organized in the country. Also, Startup Angola, which I’m a rooted member from the beginning, is doing a great job fomenting the startup ecosystem and the government and companies have started to play their part in the ecosystem.
DN: Great. Please tell us what are main challenges you face as an Angolan tech entrepreneur?
AL: Oooh, they are many, ranging from cultural aspects to the resources needed to develop an idea and build a product. But I don’t focus my attention on challenges but in the opportunities. I recently released a test version of my new product, Cynur, and I’m happy with the results even though I believed they could’ve been better. This brings me to my point where I believe the main challenges are the lack of infrastructure and the slow adoption of technological services by Angolans.
DN: Can you suggest some solutions to those problems?
AL: On the basis of what I said earlier I would say that a solution would be the continuous development of our country’s infrastructure, the reduction on the internet access costs, the creation of more events by companies linked to the ICT sector or even our ministries engaged in education or higher education. The awakening of young people to this area could be fomented by universities.


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